Fast Asleep

Fast Asleep began as an album that was all ready to release when I decided to make some films to accompany the tracks. Macs had caught up enough with video to render them semi professional in what you could output. I always look for ideas that are possible to accomplish working alone as everything can happen so much quicker than if you are relying on others. Not that I have anything against collaboration but when I want to get something done I cannot wait, or the idea starts to wilt.

CD disc on bodiesI was living in the countryside in England and turned my house and garden into my studio and set to work. Meanwhile I had asked Kevin Folkes if he would design a record cover. I sent him the picture that appears on the newspaper on the floor. He said that it was too weak and had I got any other ideas. I suggested maybe a room made up of recording equipment?

Funki postcard:inviteIt took over six months to complete six videos and my friend Rupert Small, known at the time as ‘Team Alcohol’, made two more, The Big Sea and 16 Megatons, which I felt was enough for a release. After all this time I rang Kevin about the cover to discover that he had diligently designed the best record cover I had ever seen. The conception was brilliant but the lettering which some friends have only seen after years was inspired. (It got featured in Creative Review).

Thanks to Verity Hoper, who was doing press for Ninjatune at the time, we had the launch at the National Film Theatre in 2002 and the event was a big success, even the posters were all stolen. I was told at the time that I had ‘made it’ and everything would be easier from there on. What a lot of bullshit.

The Oboro gallery in Montreal featured the videos soon after and we made this interview at the the time: