Remixes from Studio 59

Studio Five (9Lazy9 Remix) by Funki Porcini Things Gettin' Rough (9 Lazy 9 Remix) by Funki Porcini Well Done Snowdome Esplode a Vie (Keno Remix) by Funki Porcini I Want My Brain Super Reversed (Featuring Tabby Sensibilities) by Funki Porcini This House Remixes (Featuring Steamtrain Amos) by Funki Porcini

Remixes and Joint Ventures

Joe Nation 'Zvona' Chill Out Label 1995 Zvona Clusterfunk 'Inside' Funki Porcini & Blapps! Mixes 1995 Mike Flowers Pops 'Freebase (Cocain Donut)' Lo Recordings 1996 Joint Ventures Cujo/Funki Porcini Z Cars (Superintatude mix) NineBar Records 1997 Collaboration with Sidestepper 1997? (Not Released) RICHARD BLAIR SIDESTEPPER Hot Mirrabelle Pierre…


Very high quality prints on 200gsm satin paper, limited release posters of the following: They are priced at £50+p&p BUY HERE Image construction by Openmind, sleeping model photography by Martin LeSanto-Smith FAST ASLEEP 1000mm x 1000mm Edition of 50 numbered and signed.


I put this together after coming across a clip on YouTube from the Greek film "Νυχτα Γαμου", (Wedding Night). The singers are Chiquita Gordon and Frankie Skin, New York band leader featuring the Gerasimos Lavranos Orchestra. The film was made in 1967. OH BOY! by Funki Porcini


A series of video ringtones made at a time in the past when a video ringtone did not exist. But I thought it might become a thing. Then it became a thing but nobody wanted video ringtones so it became not a thing again. There are about a hundred of…


Studio 59 apparel Limited Edition of 50 shirts, S, M, L, XL, 2x XL all priced at £15 +p&p Studio 59 T Shirt Printed on soft, heavy white cotton. Each shirt comes with an unredacted guide to the astronauts Who Are They? Ships from the 3rd June. BUY HERE

Enamel Cups

12 fluid oz/340 ml enamelled stainless steel cups, chose yours... They are actually really quite nice; none of them are perfect so if you are a perfectionist, I'd stay away from these. They are all dishwasher proof and everything proof really but not to be put in a microwave. The…

Studio 59 Press Kit

Well time is here, the new album 'Studio 59' is launched yet it still needs a press release, one that will be copied out across the internet verbatim. I can’t do it, I’ve tried and died. STUDIO 59 by Funki Porcini Have a good time at Studio 59 So I…

Studio 59

The new album . The twelfth Funki Porcini album. Made in France. The most disco-jeune album of the year. STUDIO 59 by Funki Porcini Have a good time at Studio 59. Get your Studio 59 T-Shirt or enamel cup to identify the “astronauts” in this picture HERE and HERE

The Big Lie

What more to say? The uncanny storyline from an old edition of “Trackdown”, an American TV show filmed in 1958 that features a con-man called Trump who wants to protect people with a magic wall…. The Big Lie by Funki Porcini
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