Box Set


This is the first of a series of products from Uterus Goldmine.

Designed, signed, numbered box set of only 300 made, featuring;

Fourteen track album [24bit master and 320kbs mp3]

All the latest movies are included FREE and are yours to TREASURE until the electromagnetic pulse.

Oh Daddy
Attendre Choses
Strange Tales

Balfron Tower

Limited Edition 7″ vinyl
Conservative Apocalypse | Coloured Drops Of Pissypops

Extremely Expensive Cheap Plastic Toy, Postcards, and Something Found on the Street.

Some boxes may contain special things.

Price £33.33 BUY HERE

This first release from Uterus Goldmine has been given the honor of the RARE ® mark by The Rarities Trust.

Awarded 6 Gold Stars by The Quandary Of Value Organization. 2016

*Conservative Apocalypse runs at 60 fps. You may need a fast computer to play it smoothly.