Studio 59 Press Kit

Studio 59 Press Kit

Well time is here, the new album ‘Studio 59’ is launched yet it still needs a press release, one that will be copied out across the internet verbatim. I can’t do it, I’ve tried and died.

Have a good time at Studio 59

So I thought why not hand it to some pros and then edit the best of their gems down to a pithy paragraph and pass it off as written by my fantastic but useless press agent Burt Ridgley. Or it could be a contest if, as a writer, you are at all, competitive.

The Redacted Mission – 1959

There is a huge resurgence of interest in the nineties by people who were too young to be on the scene and I have been advised to puff it up on the past and and talk about the legacy of albums such as Hed Phone Sex and how 9 Lazy 9 had an electrifying effect on the alternative-electronic scene… what an innovator… and all that bullshit.. AND NOW I’M BACK…

I’m not sure where I was, but you get the picture.

Anyway, I need some help. Funki Porcini deserves to be better known.

Picture by M.Braddell© 2015. Credited usage only. click for 6k version





May is out and Porcini is in

Picture by Steve Double / Retna Pictures – Picture Shows: Portrait of English musician and DJ Funki Porcini (James Braddell) photographed in London in the mid 1990’s. Job: 85405 Ref: SDD – Exclusive – World Rights Only *Higher Rates Apply* *Unbylined uses will incur an additional discretionary fee!