Before Funki Porcini there was 9Lazy9, a collaboration started in Rome with Keir Fraser.

Keir had come to Rome and we started a recording studio and making music. The name came from a paper napkin from an American eatery  that had many different Texas ranch names and their cattle brands . We liked the 9 Lazy 9 Ranch, two nines on their sides, too idle to stand up.

 We sent demos off around the world to various record labels.

Keir had heard through the grapevine that a very new label had started up called Ninja and so we sent them a demo too. They were the only ones to respond.

The label was started by Coldcut: Matt Black and Jonathen More who, as producers, had had a big success with ‘The Only Way is Up Now’ and a Lisa Stansfield hit that financed their clever conception of a new label, Ninja, where they would move silently through the night and be free of corrupt influences. It was they and their label manager, Peter Quicke who eventually suggested that we make an album; Paradise Blown. We were living in Rome, it was the beginning of the nineties and Ninja was just a tiny outfit living in a filing cupboard in a warehouse in Clink Street, London. Little did we know.

This album is sometimes called Beds of a Land which is absurd. It’s Bed-sofa Land