Conservative Apocalypse

Conservative Apocalypse

Made as a complete album rather than a collection of tracks, Conservative Apocalypse is a journey through the subconscious. I have experimented with augmenting recorded sound with electronic instruments to give atmosphere to commonplace situations, and originally  the record was to be entitled Augmented Aurality. However due to the appalling lurch towards fascism that is taking place in the western world I thought it more appropriate to call the album Conservative Apocalypse after the eighth track.

The Film

Well this was the big one. Starting with the track from the album which was made deliberately as an accelerating train journey, I found a picture of the inside of a railway carriage that seemed particularly evocative and after cutting out the window, began the journey of creating the film. Nearly all the material was found online and patched together into this composite of a trip through our confused modern world.  At first, while the train was moving slowly I made fast progress but as I realised that the acceleration of the music would mean that so much more would have to fly past the train window, it became a monster and I was working sixteen hour days for three months non stop until it approached the end. I then asked a few friends to be in it and filmed them on green screen. There was some nice serendipity too. After the train passes the dancing girls there is a Ninjatune logo painted on a wall. This was a random photo I found on-line and had composited into the scene. When I showed the film at Erarta, the museum of modern art in St.Petersburg, I met the man who had painted it. He was my fellow DJ for the evening party after the showing, Anton Armtone.

Obviously it became really obsessive and I was putting insects crawling on the trunks of the trees as it speeds through the forest and in amongst the fleeing refugees I put that awful Hungarian journalist who was tripping people up to get better footage, but she is tripping up my daughter, Flora.

There are many hidden things and the idea was to make something for the internet that had some longevity in its content. The film runs at sixty frames a second and is too fast at times to see what is there. This was done intentionally to make things more interesting. You can stop the film and progress one frame at a time to discover all the secrets that are hidden within it. I particularly like the naked Chinese man clinging to the outside of the flats before going through the tunnel, he was photographed by countless passers by trying to avoid the police in a brothel raid in China. If you notice I put a sign saying no photography on the fence as the train passes. Just after this I put in the windows from Hitchcock’s rear window and in a window bellow is the standing dead policeman in his yellow jacket from Lynch’s Blue Velvet. There’s lots to find.

Made in the Uterus Goldmine Chelsea ©2016

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