Remixes from Studio 59

Studio Five (9Lazy9 Remix) by Funki Porcini Things Gettin' Rough (9 Lazy 9 Remix) by Funki Porcini Well Done Snowdome Esplode a Vie (Keno Remix) by Funki Porcini I Want My Brain Super Reversed (Featuring Tabby Sensibilities) by Funki Porcini This House Remixes (Featuring Steamtrain Amos) by Funki Porcini


I put this together after coming across a clip on YouTube from the Greek film "Νυχτα Γαμου", (Wedding Night). The singers are Chiquita Gordon and Frankie Skin, New York band leader featuring the Gerasimos Lavranos Orchestra. The film was made in 1967. OH BOY! by Funki Porcini

Studio 59

The new album . The twelfth Funki Porcini album. Made in France. The most disco-jeune album of the year. STUDIO 59 by Funki Porcini Have a good time at Studio 59. Get your Studio 59 T-Shirt or enamel cup to identify the “astronauts” in this picture HERE and HERE

The Big Lie

What more to say? The uncanny storyline from an old edition of “Trackdown”, an American TV show filmed in 1958 that features a con-man called Trump who wants to protect people with a magic wall…. The Big Lie by Funki Porcini

No No No Vember

A collage of some of the best bits of trawling radio stations all in one day in November  2018 from the mid west and southern USA using the app Radio Garden. This piece contains the core of what developed into the track Things Getting’ Rough on the album Studio 59.…

Every Cliché

Every Cliché by Funki Porcini This sound movie has a narrative running through it but everybody sees a different story. For me it is the story of a teenager in the Midwest of America who loves his car and the freedom it brings him. He later in life becomes a…

The Mulberry Files

This album was made at 5 Mulberry Walk in London where I was staying for a few years before the house was sold. It was the house that Beatrix Miller the editor of Vogue lived in from the 1960s until she died in 2014. The house had also been owned…

Attendre Choses

This video was made after watching  Louis Malle's brilliant film Un Feu Follet. The main character having come out of rehab for alcoholism is confronted by the uselessness of life and eventually commits suicide. In a scene where he is walking with a friend, he is explaining the state of…

Strange Tales

Eight years ago I was inspired after watching the films of Run Wrake to make some animation that utilized images from the Ladybird book series. With no script or storyboard, I had no idea what the characters were saying when their lips moved, and had no idea what it was…

The 7″ Single

       Conservative Apocalypse by Funki Porcini Conservative Apocalypse by Funki Porcini Very Limited Edition 7" only a few available. First release from Uterus Goldmine! Release date 07.07.2016 Price: £10 P&P £5 pre order