Conservative Apocalypse

Conservative Apocalypse

Made as a complete album rather than a collection of tracks, Conservative Apocalypse is a journey through the subconscious. I have experimented with augmenting recorded sound with electronic instruments to give atmosphere to commonplace situations, and originally  the record was to be entitled Augmented Aurality. However due to the appalling lurch towards fascism that is taking place in the western world I thought it more appropriate to call the album Conservative Apocalypse after the eighth track.


The Film

Starting with the track from the album which was made deliberately as an accelerating train journey, I found a picture of the inside of a railway carriage that seemed particularly evocative and after cutting out the window, began the journey of creating the film. Nearly all the material was found online and patched together into this composite of a trip through our confused modern world.  The slow start and acceleration of the ride I felt was analogous to how nasty social movements start.

The film runs at sixty frames a second and is too fast at times to see what is there. This was done intentionally to make things more interesting. You can stop the film and progress one frame at a time to discover all the secrets that are hidden within it. Then try the quiz.

Made in the Uterus Goldmine Chelsea ©2016

Available from the 7th of July here

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