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Conservative Apocalypse

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Here at the Uterus Goldmine you will be able to find all the music, the films, and the products that are made by Funki Porcini. This site has been set up to try and combat commercial creep; insofar as I would like to be able to make a living out of what I do rather than having to make music for things that I have no belief in. With your direct support this could become viable. Obviously all digital content becomes free online and I believe this to be a good thing. Now I have to find a way of being able to spend six months making things and not have to worry about how to survive while I do it. So I have started Uterus Goldmine products. They will be expensive but I hope valuable in the long term. Each one represents thousands and thousands of hours of work; so many thanks for your support and long may our relationship continue.

Hopefully this site will grow to become a major world heritage site. In the meantime have a look around…